6 Popular BYOW Restaurants in Montreal for Wino Snobs

6 Popular BYOW Restaurants in Montreal for Wino Snobs

Sure, getting recommendations from your waiter on which exceptional wine to pair with dinner is helpful.

But then again, the option to BYOW at a popular Montreal restaurant proves more practical. See, for the price of one bottle at a fancy establishment, you can instead get two from the liquor store. Or better yet, opt for the 3L box of wine – not a damn thing wrong with that.

Besides, it’s annoying paying for a bottle at a restaurant when you’re unable to finish and can’t leave with it. Not sure if something like that ever happens though.

Not to mention, you now have the ability to take pre-gaming before the club out of your living room and host it over dinner instead. The cost of liquor is the same AND at the same time you’re also filling up on fuel that’s going to help see you through the evening.

See what I mean? Bring your own wine restaurants in Montreal solve all sorts of situations.

The city may be well-known for the concept but that doesn’t mean every place with the option to bring your own wine is worth visiting. Think about it. What’s the point of enjoying a subpar meal all because a restaurant allows you to provide the liquor? May as well stay at home, cook a box of Kraft Dinner and pair it with the white wine that’s been sitting in your fridge for a couple of weeks now.

However, if you’d rather enjoy a great meal at a popular Montreal restaurant and drink all the wine in the world at liquor store prices then refer to the list below. From there make sure to also check out our listing page for Montreal bars and lounges so your pre-gaming doesn’t go to waste. 

Of course, there are several BYOW restaurants in Montreal so if you think we missed a place then leave a suggestion below. And don’t forget to also share this post with friends because the more friends you bring the more bottles of wine there are.

Popular BYOW Restaurants in Montreal
  • O-Thym

    1112 Maisonneuve Boulevard E , Montreal

    This is a restaurant in Montreal that you don’t want to miss out on – the BYOW option is merely the icing on top. With that being said, the closest SAQ is about a five-minute walk away from the restaurant located at 866 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est. While the service and atmosphere of O’Thym is wonderful, it’s the food that truly deserves all the praise in the world. From the Scallop Ceviche to the foie gras to the platter of Quebec Cheeses to the Duck, everything is prepared perfectly and satisfies even the pickiest of taste buds. Naturally, there never seems to be any downtime at O’Thym so it doesn’t hurt to make reservations well in advance.

  • Le Quartier Général

    1251 Gilford Street , Montreal

    Looking for an appetizer of Deep Fried Gaspor Piglet, Octopus Tartelette, or Pan Seared Duck Foie Gras? If so, then my friend, Le Quartier General has the French cuisine you’re so desperately seeking. The menu may conjure up images of a high-class restaurant but it focuses more on comfort than luxury (just in case you were feeling too intimidated by the selection). In addition, this Montreal bring your own wine restaurant doesn’t have a corkage fee. So stop into the nearest SAQ at 7010 Boulevard Saint-Laurent (the closest subway station is Jean-Talon) before arriving.

  • Monsieur B

    371 Villeneuve Street E , Montreal

    There’s no such thing as indulging in too much French cuisine. Therefore, if you want another atmosphere to enjoy a blood sausage appetizer, try Monsieur B. Since this a BYOW restaurant make sure to stop into the SAQ before arriving. There are two express locations nearby: 55 Mont-Royal West and 1034 Mont-Royal Est. The restaurant is on the smaller side so it’s recommended you make reservations ahead of time. While the tables and space can feel tight and uncomfortable at first, don’t let this deter you. The quality of dishes surpasses any inconveniences. Oh, and don’t skip out on dessert either! Desert being a third bottle of wine.

  • Pizzeria Napoletana

    189 Dante Street , Montreal

    A large pizza and a bottle of wine – tell me that isn’t your perfect evening Monday – Sunday. Pizzeria Napoletana is tapping into everyone’s hearts by being a BYOW restaurant that offers 41 different styles of pizza on its menu. That’s exactly why you’ll find a large queue outside of its doors on any given night. No matter, there’s an SAQ down the street at 7010 Boulevard Saint-Laurent and a pizza with your name on it inside of Pizzeria Napoletana. Just be patient with the lineup. And even though the restaurant itself can get crowded and noisy, don’t forget you’re just there for the thin crust. Atmosphere and ambiance be damned.

  • Amelios

    201 Milton Street , Montreal

    Of course, we wouldn’t mention only one pizzeria in Montreal with the option to bring your own wine. And luckily, Amelios is a short distance away from an SAQ located at 440 de Maisonneuve O. As with the previous restaurants mentioned, there is likely to be a lineup at Amelios. However, the wait time isn’t long and you have an unprecedented amount of cheese slathered on your pizza awaiting you inside. While not a huge selection to choose from, the quality is unbelievable. From the buttery crust, rich sauce, ooey-gooey cheese to the affordable price, AND wine you carried under your arm, it’s crazy that such a place exists in Montreal.

  • Khyber Pass

    506 Duluth Avenue E , Montreal

    The only way a BYOB restaurant in Montreal can get any better is by having a terrace and wouldn’t you know it, Khyber Pass has just that. Not to mention, the SAQ is not even a five-minute walk away at 4008 Rue Saint-Denis. So no need to plan your liquor route before leaving your apartment. With that being said, you need reservations for this traditional Afghan restaurant since it’s always busy every night of the week. It’s a popular BYOW spot that features friendly service and authentic cuisine. The décor also adds a special touch and while inside gets crowded, you won’t feel like you’re sharing a conversation and table with your dining neighbours.

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