6 Montreal Indian Restaurants so Authentic You’ll Want to Keep the Febreeze on Standby

6 Montreal Indian Restaurants so Authentic You’ll Want to Keep the Febreeze on Standby

Montreal Indian restaurants are awesome. They’re inexpensive, offer colourful cuisine and a variety of spices, and are always super-filling.

But maybe the best thing about Indian restaurants in Montreal is that they're perfect whether you're vegetarian or a meat-lover, so everyone's just roses even if your bathroom might not be smelling like it after.

Here’s a list of some amazing Indian restaurants bringing traditional favourites to Montreal (in no particular order).

Just be warned: Indian food isn’t always for the weak-stomached. It can be spicy, sloppy and staying within close proximity to a washroom is advised for rookies.

Montreal Indian Restaurants
  • Restaurant Kuljit India

    1911 Keller Boulevard , Montreal

    Don’t let the exterior of this place fool you. It’s no secret that so often the most unappealing places to look at serve the most amazing food. Located in a Ville Saint-Laurent strip mall, it’s easy to pass by this place which has been serving vegans, vegetarians and who-gives-a-fuckers since 2005. The small family-run restaurant offers some of the best Indian cuisine in Montreal where pretty much anything you order is amazing, with ridiculous sauces and super-cheap plates.

  • Restaurant Le Taj

    2077 Stanley Street , Montreal

    Restaurant Le Taj has been around since 1985, perfecting their traditional Indian cuisine for o nearly three decades in the heart of Downtown Montreal. You can get stuffed on a budget with an extensive lunch buffet and inexpensive dishes prepared in their tandoor (traditional clay oven) which is viewable to all guests as they watch the chef do his thing.

  • Namaste Montreal

    212 Milton Street , Montreal

    Namaste Montreal is another small place that doesn’t try to fool you with pretention or certainly with high prices. This quaint Indian restaurant in the heart of Downtown Montreal is very hard to miss but well worth visiting. It’s super-authentic, super-cheap and always delicious, serving traditional Indian cuisine with modern cooking methods and special care taken to offer healthier food options.

  • Express Indien

    6579 Somerled Avenue , Montreal

    Express Indien is a hidden gem of NDG. The family-run Montreal Indian restaurant offers near-gourmet cuisine with a strong focus on offering healthy and high quality foods. The restaurant features a cozy (small) setting with just a few tables, but the patio offers much more space out front for outdoor dining during the warmer months.

  • Taj Mahal Du Vieux-Montreal

    143 Saint Paul Street , Montreal

    If it’s an upscale atmosphere you’re looking for without sacrificing amazing Indian cuisine, Taj Mahal in Old Montreal offers exactly that with, of course, pricier menu items. The original Taj Mahal location on Sherbrooke Street West offers a cheaper selection and a more casual setting.

  • Maison Indian Curry

    996 Jean Talon Street W , Montreal

    Located in Parc Extension, Maison Indian Curry offers North and South Indian cuisine in Montreal. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere to compliment authentic, inexpensive cuisine (all dishes are under $10) and Indian beer that will fill your belly for cheap. They will also accommodate the spiciness of your food just for you, ranging from mild to it-tastes-like-burning.

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