5 Vancouver Hair Salons Specializing in Curly Hair Problems

5 Vancouver Hair Salons Specializing in Curly Hair Problems

The search for a suitable hairdresser is a difficult, grueling task that can often end in tears and for curly haired females there’s a lot of fucking tears to be had.

If the stylist doesn’t know curl-types, what a “lampshade” or “pyramid” effect is, or starts talking about “thinning” then you’re in the wrong salon. It’s also important to find a friendly environment that doesn’t shame your natural locks. 

Because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than a stylist blow-drying your thick, puffy mane and everyone’s eyes are locked in your direction. Or god-forbid the hairdresser gives an exasperated sigh, as if to say you should start apologizing now.

It’s high time to weed out the duds and find a suitable relationship that forever enrichs your hair and life (the two go hand-in-hand). That’s why we’ve compiled a few Vancouver salons specializing in curls – because no one should have to pay to look like a hedge.

Vancouver Salons Specializing in Curly Hair
  • Clover Earthkind Hair Salon

    678 Richards Street , Vancouver

    Aside from hair stylist Maria being the go-to girl for all curly hair problems, Clover Earthkind Salon is also one of the only salons in Vancouver to be environmentally conscious. The establishment uses cruelty-free products that are organic and natural and provide vegetable-based colour options that are free of harsh chemicals.

  • Pomp and Proper

    2812 Main Street , Vancouver

    If you’re the type of person that waits as long as humanly possible to get a hair cut just because you don’t associate happy or relaxed with such a task then Pomp & Proper is the place to change that outlook. Creative consultant Alicia knows exactly how to put your nerves at ease – whether it’s with a head massage or asking all the right questions, this girl really knows how to cut curly hair.

  • WorkShop Salon

    522 Beatty Street , Vancouver

    The fact that Karyn identifies as a curly hair & colour specialist is a great indication that her hands are the only hands you want touching your tresses. Karyn considers all factors that go into creating a signature hairstyle – face shape, hair type, lifestyle, and budget – because we’ve all experienced getting a fabulous haircut that’s impossible to recreate.

  • Poppy Hair Boutique

    2686 4th Avenue , Vancouver

    If you’ve been suffering from PTCHS (Post-Traumatic Curly Haircut Syndrome) then it’s about time you booked an appointment to the Poppy Hair Boutique. Entrust hair stylist Ainsley to repair or fix the knotted mess on top your head. After all, you deserve a little TLC.

  • Bangtown Hair Saloon

    438 Pender Street West , Vancouver

    So you’re a little nervous or hesitant about spicing up your hairstyle. Past experiences indicate that it either can’t be done or a stylist will cut everything off. But that’s the past and it’s time to take hold of your future at the Bangtown Hair Saloon. Leave all reservations and frizz at the door.

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