5 Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver to Cheat on Your Diet

5 Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver to Cheat on Your Diet

It’s summertime in the city of Vancouver and that’s when all the ice cream in the world needs to be consumed. Stop visiting the likes of McDonald’s for a soft serve and finally hit up one of these authentic ice cream shops that supplies a wicked variety of flavours. Grab a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, summer fling or just treat yourself to two scoops of that good, good. 

Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver
  • Bella Gelateria

    1001 Cordova Street West , Vancouver

    God bless Italy. Bella Gelateria produces genuine old-world handcrafted gelato from scratch using local and international ingredients including organic milk and fresh fruit. This shop is also the first in North America “to use classical Italian equipment for the making and storing of gelato, just like the best do in Italy.” The flavours change everyday depending on weather and season but the list that Bella tries to offer includes Black Sesame, Organic Green Tea Matcha, Akbar Mashti, Mediterranean Yogurt, and Salted Caramel. If you’re looking for creamy, rich and smooth don’t skip out on this place.

  • Gelarmony (Robson)

    1222 Robson Street , Vancouver

    Formally Mondo Gelato, the premium ice creams found at this shop are always made from fresh ingredients and in small batches. Yet, it’s the selection of 100 different flavours that has Gelarmony always buzzing. After Eight, Coffee Crisp, Amaretto, Cream Puff, Nutella, Cherry Swirl, Zuppa Inglese (do you even know what that means? Does it even matter?), Hawaiian Papaya, Whisky Cream, Black Licorice, Peanut Butter, White Mint, and Irish Cream for Christ’s sake! If none of these flavours didn’t simultaneously make your body tingle and your left arm go numb then I don’t know what else to suggest.

  • Marble Slab (Denman)

    1184 Denman Street , Vancouver

    If you need a vast selection in order to make an ice cream experience memorable then try hitting up Marble Slab. Located in the West End, this ice cream shop provides customers with 45 flavours and a selection of mix-ins. The list includes Birthday Cake, Bubblegum, Cheesecake, Cinnamon Bun (UM YUM), Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter Banana, Pomegranate, Red Velvet, and seriously so much more. Handcrafted daily in-store, the Marble Slab is made with the freshest ingredients to create the richest of flavours. In addition, there are also lactose-free options.

  • La Casa Gelato

    1033 Venables Street , Vancouver

    La Casa Gelato started off as a pizza place and now has one of the biggest selections of gelato in the city – over 500 flavours to choose from (not available all at once but in rotation). Then there are the fresh in-house waffle cones, gelato custom cakes, specialty items, and sorbetto. There are also outrageous flavours such as garlic, curry, red bean, and asparagus if you’re feeling daring and adventurous (or just plain crazy). All products are created from natural ingredients and there are also non-fat, non-dairy, low-fat, and sugar-free options available.

  • Gelateria Dolce Amore

    1590 Commercia Drive , Vancouver

    Maybe gelato is dominating this list but it can’t be helped! It’s just too delicious and that’s exactly why Gelateria Dolce Amore deserves a spot on here. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s traditional Little Italy, this shop serves flavours that are so fresh, rich, smooth and light. The quality and price of the gelato is really unbeatable at this particular shop – however, it is cash only. Make sure to also try the sandwiches, which are beyond amazing – think cheesecake gelato wedged between two homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies. I know what you’re thinking and yes, life is truly magical.

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