5 Certified Affiliate CrossFit Gyms in Vancouver

5 Certified Affiliate CrossFit Gyms in Vancouver

Well, it's 2013 and you've made your New Year's reolution to get in shape after eating your way through December.

So get out there, tubby. Enough whining. There are over 30 certified CrossFit gym locations in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Developed by gymnast Greg Glassman in 2000, CrossFit is a fairly new training method that combines aerobics, body weight exercises, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting in short but intense workouts.

In order to use the term “CrossFit” in its name legally, a gym must be licensed by CrossFit, Inc. which charges an annual fee and certifies all its trainers.

Here’s a short list of just a few highly reputable kickass CrossFit gyms in Vancouver (in no particular order). Also, be sure to check out our complete list of Vancouver CrossFit gyms.

Vancouver CrossFit Gyms
  • CrossFit 604

    154 Hastings Street W , Vancouver

    CrossFit 604 is a nice, spacious gym in the heart of Gastown that offers 3,000 square feet of workout space and another 1,500 square-foot change room, shower, shop and lounge. The team consists of avid believes of CrossFit, so they created the ideal gym they personally wanted to train in so guests could experience the same results.

  • Studeo55 CrossFit

    865 Hornby Street , Vancouver

    Studeo55 at Robson Square is the only “Reebok Recognized” CrossFit affiliate in British Columbia. It’s a 13,000 square foot training facility, and while it’s larger than most CrossFit gyms in Vancouver, professional trainers are sure to give the same amount of personal attention teammates would receive in a smaller gym.

  • CrossFit BC (Downtown Vancouver)

    1232 Richards Street , Vancouver

    Yaletown’s CrossFit BC is another large facility with all the equipment you need to get your body in peak physical performance, with daily workout programs and a trained professional staff who work closely with team members. Give ‘em a whirl. Reserve a spot in advance for a free trial any Saturday at 9am or 12pm.

  • Crossfit Westside

    79 Smithe Street , Vancouver

    CrossFit Westside is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and offers over 46 group classes in a safe and friendly environment with a very cool staff. Classes offered include CrossFit, Elements, Moms, Kids, Olympic Lifting, and Powerlifting.

  • CrossFit Optimum Performance

    550 West 6th Avenue , Vancouver

    What’s unique about this gym is the hybrid training program that combines both CrossFit and Optimum Performance training principles. Optimum Performance includes individualized movement programs, nutritional prescriptions and lifestyle management.

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