35 Most Cracktacular Rob Ford Memes


Well, it’s been a circus of a rollercoaster of a motherfuck of a week here in Toronto. Thank you, Mayor Ford. Thank you, Internet. Thank you, crack.

It began on Halloween with the news that the alleged Rob Ford crack video was in police possession and the release of surveillance photos to the public which revealed our mayor pissing in parking lots and littering liquor bottles. It led Fordsy to flip out on the media when they showed up at his home to greet him first thing in the morning, which I actually don't blame him for. But it was jokes, partner.

What followed was Biggie Ford's Sunday radio show during which he asked Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to release the crack video to the public, then his brother Doug asking the chief to resign on Tuesday, Fordsy's epic crack-smoking confession on Wednesday, and finally yesterday's wild ass video (watchable at the bottom of this post) showing our mayor in full Matt Foley mode while drunk and high as a kite and rambling about his impaired urge to rip someone’s throat out - preferrably while in his underwear.

The result of the entire timeline of events is pure comedy gold, which made international news and countless amazing memes this week. Here were a few of our favourites.

Rob Ford Memes

Yesterday's drunk and (probably) high Ford flipout video:

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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