24-Hour Restaurants in Toronto are Your Greasy After-Bar Safe Havens

24-Hour Restaurants in Toronto are Your Greasy After-Bar Safe Havens

This city is kind of known for shutting down earlier than other cities at night, but there are some awesome 24-hour restaurants in Toronto to stuff your face after the bar has kicked you out and no amount of booze makes street meat sound appetizing.

All-night restaurants are places where greasy food rules, conversations you'll never remember occur, and the harsh reality that you've been out way too long and have spent way too much money has yet to set in.

Here’s a list of a few 24-hour restaurants in Toronto you can always count on being open whenever you need them to be. Do you know of any other restaurants in Toronto that stay open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? Make a place suggestion below and let us know!

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24-Hour Restaurants in Toronto
  • Thompson Diner

    550 Wellington Street West , Toronto

    Located on King West, you can stop in here for a reasonably priced bite to eat. It calls itself a diner but it’s actually a bit more upscale than that, offering a modern twist on greasy spoon classics.

  • Fran’s is a Toronto institution, established in 1940. There are three locations in Toronto: Yonge & College, Victoria & Shuter, and Yonge & Front.

  • The Lakeview Restaurant

    1132 Dundas Street West , Toronto

    Located at Dundas and Ossington, The Lakeview Restaurant was established in 1932 and is open 24 hours offering a nice big late night menu with lots of options.

  • 7 West Café

    7 Charles Street West , Toronto

    7 West is a more upscale 24-hour restaurant in Toronto, located in Yorkville. They’ve got a nice menu of appetizers, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and all-day breakfasts.

  • Pho Xe Lua

    254-256 Spadina Avenue , Toronto

    Vietnamese cuisine served 24/7, and pho is always the perfect choice to stop in and warm up during Nuit Blanche if it happens to get chilly this weekend.

  • King Palace Restaurant

    820 Church Street , Toronto

    Tucked away at Yonge and Church is King Palace, serving up 24-hour Pakistani and Indian food for something a bit different late at night.

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