2013’s Easiest Yet Most Relevant Halloween Costume Ideas


If you’re like me, you’re a lazy som'bitch.

I always fucking leave Halloween ‘til the last minute. I come up with good costume ideas randomly throughout the year, then forget them when October rolls around and end up piecing together a shitty costume that no one understands.

And as much as I’d like to think I’ll start early this year, maybe even head out this weekend and find stuff to make a badass costume with, I know I really won’t. Because, like I said...lazy.

But if you're like me, it’s all good. I’ve come up with this list of 2013 Halloween costume ideas that aren't only easy to make, they're relevant enough to still go over well. With so many Toronto Halloween events happening this year, I might even do more than one simple-ass costume.

Here’s a rundown of Halloween costume ideas for 2013 you can make with very little effort while not coming across like you didn't at least try.

Walter White

The world’s most epic antihero is a no-brainer this year. As the series finale of Breaking Bad approaches, you know you’re going to see at least one at every Halloween party you go to. So if you do decide to go as Walt, don't go around thinking you're super-original here. The costume is simple enough: bald head, goatee, glasses and a yellow hazmat suit. Or go as Heisnberg with the porkpie hat, black sunglasses and black jacket.

Kriss Kross

If you were a suburban child of the early ‘90s, chances are at least a little piece of you died when you heard Mac Daddy passed away in May. The remorse will probably inspire the odd Kriss Kross costume this Halloween – another one that's not only appropriate but super-easy. You turn your fucking clothes backwards.


Where do they sell rubber sharks? Toys Я Us, probably. So you get yourself a bunch of rubber sharks, wrap yourself in a grey sheet and cover it with that stretchy cotton spider web crap you can find during Halloween to make it look like wind. Boom. Add a bit of garbage and random bloody body parts for debris.

Rob Ford

Ah, everyone’s favourite drunk and possibly high mayor! This idea’s easy. Just get a suit, short blonde wig, redden those cheeks and stuff your shirt with a pillow. Accessorize with a bucket of KFC and crack pipe!

Daenerys Targaryen

Anything Game of Thrones-related is going to be pretty big this year for sure. Some costumes require a lot of effort, but this one isn’t too crazy. Just blonde hair and a bunch of rags n’ shit. Check out this how-to video for Dany's top, which is probably the hardest part of the costume.

Twerking Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Here’s one for you couples out there. All it requires is a striped Beetlejuice suit for Robin and barely anything at all for twerking Miley. Here’s a guy with a tutorial how to recreate the Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA costume.

RiFF RaFF/James Franco

James Franco’s Spring Breakers character obviously based on RiFF RaFF will probably be represented by a few folks this Halloween. RiFF even claimed to be releasing his own Halloween costume, but who knows what to believe with this guy? Whether you’re going as James Franco’s version or the real thing, this is a pretty easy costume to do with fake (or real) braids, washable pen for the chinstrap, glasses, fake jewels, and the most colourful clothes from your closet.

Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce, better known as his meme “Grumpy Cat,” has been the Internet’s biggest viral star of the past year. Putting this costume together is as simple as fluffy cat ears and white and brown face paint - unless you want to go all-out like they do in this instructional Grumpy Cat costume-making video.

Duck Dynasty

Here’s another one we’ll probably see a lot of this year – and a pretty easy costume idea, at that. Aside from the wig and fake beard, you can probably find the rest of the shit you need in the hunting section of Canadian Tire.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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