20 Art Toronto Photos of Surprisingly Expensive Artwork


The 14th Toronto International Art Fair, better known as Art Toronto concluded last night at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. The modern and contemporary art fair is considered to be one of the “must-attend visual art events” and the largest of its kind in Canada – which is a pretty nice achievement for the city. Over the course of four days, more than 110 galleries were representing 14 countries in the 200,000 square feet space – and mad amounts of money exchanged hands all weekend long. Considering there were pieces being sold from $5,000 upwards to well over $100,000.  

If you’ve never attended Art Toronto because lawls, you’re poor and a mural costs more than several months worth of rent, then you’ve been missing out. It’s extremely amusing to dress up in your best evening wear (if such a thing exists in your closet) and nod sophistically at acrylic on canvas and mutter, “It’s nice but I’m not too sure if it fits the colour scheme of my Art Nouveau Liberty Village condo.” And everyone will nod in agreement and totally sympathize with that sentiment. But little do they know, there’s not a damn thing that costs more than $50 on your walls.

If you weren’t worldly enough to attend Art Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center then make sure to scroll through the gallery above for more images. Visit the official website to also stay up to speed on next year's art fair that way you can ensure you never miss another opportunity to fake your bank account.

Zoe Badley
Zoe Badley

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