13 Best of the Worst #Struggleplate Photos of Instagram

If recent Black Friday footage is any indication, the struggle is real out there and #struggleplate is Instagram’s proof of just how real it can get.

If you've never heard of #struggleplate before, it is essentially the two girls one cup version of #foodporn and there are Instagram accounts completely dedicated to the hashtag with more than 89k followers.

We've taken the time to track down and pay tribute to the comedic side of #struggleplate because there are just too many disgusting ones out there to list. If you are going to search #struggleplate, do it with caution and while you’re not eating.

Do you know anyone with #struggleplate regularity or have a significant other who makes similar meals to the ones below? Share this post to let them know that this is not okay.

Best of the Worst #Struggleplate Photos

There's nothing wrong with beans and weenies. Nothing wrong with that shit at all. I grew up on it. I've never had beans on toast before, but I hear it's common in England. But not chopping up the weenie to mix into the beans or at least toasting the bread? That's fucked up, man.

This is some MacGyver shit if you don't have access to a stove or microwave. So if someone at your office asks why the coffee machine is filled with hotdogs and not coffee, do not acknowledge them. Just eat your hotdogs and drink your hotdog juice.

There’s nothing like risking Thanksgiving salmonella twice with pink turkey, but if you’re going to do it make sure it’s dry as shit. The good news is you can wash the stale buns down with the mashed potatoes.

It’s not that this is all that much of a #struggleplate. A sandwich, soup and side of chips is a good lunch in my opinion. Whether or not I’d Instagram it is a dumb question.

One thin-ass slice of what looks like ham, barely any green beans and one custy roll. Fuck outta here with this shit.

The pizza on its own would be fine. The pizza on its own looks pretty good, actually. Why the need to add gravy? Is this a French thing?

Sticking with the pizza #struggleplate, here we have ramen noodles subbing in for dough which is not even a joke. There’s a recipe for this.

Not only is this effing nasty, buddy had the balls to brag about it saying, "My #idea of a #sick #dinner #hotdogs #beans #waffles #ketchup." 

Totino’s Pizza Rolls are just good. Nothing wrong with bite-size pizza. But when you add gummi rings, a tall can of Old Milwaukee and then proceed to Instagram all three in dim lighting, you’ve got yourself a #struggleplate.

Jalapeno Cheetos and garlic pasta actually looks kind of good in this filter.

How a sliced apple fits into the equation of dipping-sauce-less chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, I don’t know at all. 

Ensure nutritional shake? You couldn't even toast the Eggo? Are you for real?

The fish sticks are set up like art amongst a pile of green slop, a chicken thigh and fried mushrooms. If the ten fish sticks were all that were on the plate along with either ketchup, cocktail sauce or tartar sauce, this would not be a #struggleplate, but this person just had to go there.


Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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