10 Vancouver Poutine Spots so Authentic You'd Think You’re in Montreal

10 Vancouver Poutine Spots so Authentic You'd Think You’re in Montreal

Ah, poutine – just about the best thing Quebec has offered the world since the 18+ drinking age, Epic Meal Time and Mario Lemieux.

It’s a Canadian cuisine classic that pretty much everyone loves. It’s the perfect after-bar food, a hot friend on a cold winter afternoon, and I’ll be damned if poutine doesn’t make a hearty breakfast too.

But while poutine is mainly a Montreal thing, Vancouver does it pretty damn well. There are lots of places to get amazing poutine in Vancouver, from the most authentic to unique West Coast spins on the classic dish.

Here’s a rundown of 10 places to get some ridiculous poutine in Vancouver in no particular order. Know of any awesome Vancouver poutine spots? Make a place suggestion below.

10 Vancouver Poutine Spots
  • La Belle Patate

    1215 Davie Street , Vancouver

    This is probably as authentic as it gets when it comes to French fast food in Vancouver, with seven different kinds of poutine on the menu. Go with traditional Montreal-style poutine or try out the smoked meat, chicken, galvaude (chicken and peas), and more.

  • Roxy Burger

    910 Granville Street , Vancouver

    Granville’s Roxy Burger serves Montreal poutine “the way it was supposed to be made” as well as a different variation topped with diced bacon and cheddar topped off with ranch dressing and chopped green onions.

  • Mean Poutine

    718 Nelson Street , Vancouver

    Mean Poutine offers specialty poutine and hot dogs on Nelson. Classic poutine starts at just $6 then prices go up for favourites like Philly cheesesteak poutine, fried chicken poutine, mean supreme poutine, and meatball poutine.

  • Dunn's Famous

    827 Seymour Street , Vancouver

    The Dunn’s Famous franchise began in Montreal in 1927 and has since spread to locations all over Quebec as well as Toronto and Vancouver’s Seymour Street. The deli stays true to its Montreal roots with smoked meats, beef briskets and six types of poutine including the traditional Quebecoise, smoked meat poutine, peppercorn, vegetarian, and more.

  • Fritz’s specializes in fries and offers authentic poutine in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. There’s no frills to the poutine here – just fresh cut Canadian potatoes and curds smothered in hearty gravy.

  • The Cannibal Café

    1818 Commercial Drive , Vancouver

    The Cannibal Café is a 90s punk rock-themed burger joined that opened in September. The interior is completely wallpapered in old show posters and The Cannibal is open from 11:30am – 12am every single day of the week. Aside from specialty burger and shakes, they serve a classic Montreal-style poutine as well as “The Cannibal” poutine with spicy Spanish sausage, white cheddar sauce, green onions and roasted garlic.

  • Smoke's Poutinerie (Granville)

    942 Granville Street , Vancouver

    There are two Smoke’s locations in Vancouver including this and the newer Robson Street location in Downtown East. It’s the crazy amount of dishes they offer that makes Smoke’s so popular, with 27 different options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. And yes, they have traditional curds and gravy poutine if you just want to stick with the classic.

  • Darby's Public House & Liquor Store

    2001 MacDonald Street , Vancouver

    Darby’s in Kitsilano offers both a classic poutine as well as their signature duck confit poutine which is an upscale take on the classic dish made with Kennebec fries, duck confit, cambozola cheese, caramelized onions, and red wine demi-glace.

  • Frenchies Diner (Closed)

    425 Dunsmuir Street , Vancouver

    Frenchies is a Montreal smoked meat lover’s wet dream with ten different kinds of amazing poutine including bacon, chicken, meat lovers, and Le Classic true to the Montreal original.

  • Zako's Deli

    500 West Broadway , Vancouver

    Zako’s offers a taste of Montreal on the corner of Broadway and Cambie, mostly known for its smoked meat sandwiches. But their poutine is amazing, made with fresh cut fries, cheese brought in weekly from Vancouver Island and vegetarian gravy.

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