10 Vancouver Chicken Wing Places So Good You'll Risk the Heart-Stoppage

10 Vancouver Chicken Wing Places So Good You'll Risk the Heart-Stoppage

As much as we try to stay healthy, there's just something about Vancouver chicken wing places that fry a bird so well they will send you on a carnivorous blackout of gluttony at any given craving.

There’s just something about beer, sports, and saucy, crispy chicken wings that make the perfect combination. It must be the barbarian in us that finds something so satisfying about getting a little tipsy, devouring a once-living animal and watching gladiators collide. Don’t like it? Go cry to PETA.

There are a lot of bars and restaurants to get beautiful, grease-glistening, deep fried chicken wings in Vancouver. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular places (in no particular order) where the wings are fried to perfection, sauces are plentiful and by-the-pound specials are regular.

But hey, we know this is in no way a complete list. Know of any other great Vancouver chicken wing bars or restaurants? Let us know in the place selection box below and feel free to share this post with friends to let 'em know where they can pig out on pints and wings in Vancouver.

Vancouver Chicken Wing Places
  • Yagger's Downtown

    433 Pender Street , Vancouver

    Yagger’s is high-energy and a great place to guzzle brews, place a few under-table bets over the game and scarf down wings and other traditional pub grub. What’s unique about Yagger’s is all of their wings are chopped off of free range chickens and customers can actually combine any of their 11 flavours upon request, allowing you to mix and match sauces to concoct completely new tastes. But more than just offering fantastic wings, Yagger’s is just a fun hangout spot with walls littered in sports stuff and random signs, TVs and a massive projection screen.

  • Phnom Penh Restaurant

    244 East Georgia Street , Vancouver

    This Cambodian and Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown is always busy, so waiting for a table is to be expected here no matter when you plan on visiting. If you can, try to avoid peak hours. The wait seems to be the biggest complaint from customers at Phnom Penh Restaurant, but it doesn’t stop them from sticking around for half an hour to 45 minutes for a free table. But I mean, there’s a reason why this place is always busy: the food is amazing. Phnom Penh is most famous for its deep-fried chicken wings, squid and prawns, as well as its butter beef which are must-orders if you’re visiting for the first time. The wings here are perfectly crunchy and not overly greasy, lightly breaded and seasoned with rock salt, pepper and a touch of sugar. They come with a side of lemon juice with white and black pepper dipping sauce that might also have a hint of crack in it, because it’s one of the most addictive qualities about the wings at Phnom Penh Restaurant.

  • Zabu Chicken

    1635 Robson Street , Vancouver

    Zabu Chicken is a Korean spot on Robson. One of the most popular fried chicken restaurants in Vancouver, Zabu Chicken is poultry’s worst nightmare. These guys have gone bat shit crazy by triple-frying each piece and hand-smothering them in special sauces including their most popular soy original flavour made with all-natural soy, garlic and red chili pepper. They’ve also got hot and sweet n’ spicy wings as well as other forms of fried chicken like drumsticks, whole chicken and their soy sal-sal chicken coated with crispy rice puffs. Accompany your meal with a Korean beer and you’re in for a good time, partner. Can’t stay? Zabu also offers takeout and chicken wing delivery in Vancouver.

  • The Denman Tap House

    1184 Denman Street , Vancouver

    Pub , Bar

    The wings at Denman Tap House may be one of their most popular menu items, and at $4.95 per pound on Tuesdays and Thursday ($9 regularly) are some of the best Vancouver wings nights deals around. The wings here are big, crispy-juicy and come in a nice selection of flavours with over 30 to choose from. The Denman is a beauty place to sit, gnash apart some wings with a beer (or several) while you watch the game or enjoy the view of English Bay from their scenic patio.

  • Wings Restaurants & Pubs

    1162 Granville Street , Vancouver

    B.C.-wide chain Wings has wings. With eight locations throughout the province, Wings’ downtown location on Granville Street is in the heart of Vancouver Entertainment District so it’s always bustling with people devouring Old MacDonald’s farm-loads of chicken. Since opening in 2001, Wings has expanded into a full on chain, known for its premium, crispy wings and 23 flavours ranging from Greek to The Bobby Wing on the Wings Heat-O-Meter. You can find Vancouver wing specials here every day from 2pm – 5pm.

  • The Charlatan

    1447 Commercial Drive , Vancouver

    The Charlatan is just as popular for its friendly, casual atmosphere as it is for its awesome food including what some might consider the very best wings in Vancouver. They’re plump, crispy fried and come in Hot, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Black Dragon and the popular Salt & Pepper. But all the food here is pretty damn good and The Charlatan is just as well known for its spicy beef, pulled pork and chicken nachos, fresh burgers and sweet list of domestics and imported beers on tap.

  • Roxy Burger

    910 Granville Street , Vancouver

    Better known for their mega-list of original burgers, Roxy Burger is another casual and delicious place to order wings in Vancouver. If you’re a drumstick-over-wing type of eater, you’ll love this place. If you’re the opposite, you might want to look somewhere else. The only wings on their menu are the Monster Chicken Wings, which are drumstick-only but effing good: breaded, fried and tossed in your choice of Hot, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Chili Lime, Sweet Chili, or Plain. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown Entertainment District, Roxy Burger is almost always busy and has been since opening in 2002.

  • Darby's Public House & Liquor Store

    2001 MacDonald Street , Vancouver

    If you’re looking for good prices, craft beers and a fun place to watch the game, Darby’s Pub in Kitsilano is right up your alley. Darby’s has 20 taps ready to rock with beer from local breweries and daily food n’ drink specials. Their wings are chopped off of Rossdown Farms free-run chickens, battered, fried and smothered in your choice of Hot, BBQ Cajun, Pineapple Teriyaki, Honey Dijon, Moroccan Hot, S&P, and Lemon Pepper Dry Rub with a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing. A pound of Darby’s wings is $6.95 on Wednesdays and during Canucks games.

  • St. Augustine's

    2360 Commercial Drive , Vancouver

    St. Augustine’s is mostly known for its incredible beer selection, with over 60 taps mostly pouring up beers from local microbreweries. But where the beer is good, the food must compliment it and St. Augustine’s definitely does that. Wednesdays are wings night here where you can down any of their crispy, delicious wings at 45c each. Flavours include Hot, St. Augustine’s BBQ, Teriyaki, Teri-Hot, Tamari-Ginger, and Salt & Pepper. St. Augustine’s is flawless if you’re looking for a high-energy sports bar atmosphere to watch the game indoors or want to enjoy a more relaxed experience on a sunny afternoon for little people watching from their patio along Commercial Drive.

  • Jimmy's Taphouse

    783 Homer Street , Vancouver


    When it comes to Vancouver wing specials, you can’t go wrong with choosing Jimmy’s Taphouse, where wings are always a popular menu item – especially on Wednesdays when they’re $5 a pound and during any Canucks game when they’re 35c each. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Jimmy’s Taphouse is a high-energy spot for good pub food, daily drink specials, to watch any sporting event on big screens, or enjoy a sunny afternoon on the patio while overlooking the bustle of Robson and Homer Street. The wings here are plump, succulent and come in your choice of Salt & Pepper, Dry Rub, Jack Daniel’s BBQ, Butter Hot, Sweet Chili, Jimmy’s Hot, or the popular Maple Garlic.

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