10 Toronto Taco Shops so Good You’d Think You’re in Mexico With (Slightly) Less Crime

10 Toronto Taco Shops so Good You’d Think You’re in Mexico With (Slightly) Less Crime

For a city not exactly known for its Mexican cuisine, there are some pretty fantastic taco spots in Toronto.

A lot of amazing Mexican restaurants have popped up all over the city in the past several years. They’re so good you’ll want to pack everyone in the back of the pickup, speed off playing mariachi music and scream “¡Ándele!” just to experience it.

They’re crunchy, sloppy and cheap as hell. God bless ‘em.

So get your bib and remain in close proximity to a restroom – here’s a rundown of 10 amazing places to get tacos in Toronto.

10 Toronto Taco Shops
  • El Trompo

    277 Augusta Avenue , in Kensington Market, Toronto

    Since opening in 2003, Kensington Market’s El Trompo might very well hold the title for being the most authentic Mexican restaurant Toronto has to offer. They have 10 different taco types on their menu for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Plus they’ve got lots of other items and they serve Coronas, domestics, tequila and margaritas.

  • Mexitaco

    828 Bloor Street West , Toronto

    Mexitaco has 11 different tacos on the menu, served in fours for a meal that’ll run you about $10 depending on what you choose. They’ve also got a full bar and a decent patio if you’d like cocktails or some beers with your spicy dish to really stir up the tummy.

  • Frida Restaurant & Bar

    999 Eglinton Avenue West , Toronto

    Frida modernizes Mexican food in a fine dining atmosphere, for example their Duck “Carnitas” Mini Tacos on the Appetizers menu and Taco de Barbacoa braised lamb tacos on the Little Bites menu. They also have a nice variety of tacos and quesadillas plus special brunch tacos served on Sundays from 10:30am – 2pm.

  • Como en Casa

    565 Yonge Street , Toronto

    Como en Casa – Fresh Mexican Kitchen is just outside of the Wellesley subway station and offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more. They too have super generous portions with amazing prices ($2.50 per taco!) and there's a liquor license if you’d like a Corona with your meal.

  • La Burrita

    735 Bloor Street West , Toronto

    Located at Christie Pits, La Burrita opened in May where they offer various kinds of tacos including the Taco Bowl – a corn shell filled with rice, beans, lettuce, salsas, tomato, and olives. They’ve also got tostadas, quesadillas, burritos, tamales, and other ridiculous Mexican dishes.

  • La Carnita

    501 College Avenue , Toronto

    Little Italy’s La Carnita features six different kinds of tacos including chicken, beef, cod, swordfish, and vegetarian options. If you’re looking for authenticity you won’t find it here. La Carnita puts a unique spin on Mexican food, separating them from other Mexican restaurants in Toronto.

  • Seven Lives

    69 Kensington Avenue , Toronto

    Kensington’s Seven Lives opened in the summer of 2012, bringing SoCal and Tijuana-style seafood and tacos to Toronto. They’ve got some pretty unique tacos like their Gobernador (smoked marlin and shrimp) and their Pump en Mole Verde (octopus) with generous portions. Seven Lives is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm – 8pm daily.

  • Grand Electric

    1330 Queen Street West , Toronto

    If seafood isn’t your bag, Parkdale’s Grand Electric has a lot of different taco options that include beef, chicken, pork and more. All tacos are just $3.60 a pop so you’ll be able to try a few different ones without spending much. Debit and cash only.

  • Milagro Queen

    783 Queen Street West , Toronto

    The three Milagro locations are three cantina-like eateries in Toronto serving authentic Mexican food, tequila, beverages, and good times. The atmosphere is great and the food is ridiculous, whether you go for any of the tacos or opt for a burrito, enchilada, tostada, the cochinita pibil, or anything else on the menu.

  • Playa Cabana

    111 Dupont Street , Toronto

    There are three Playa Cabana locations in Toronto. One part Mexican restaurant, one part tequila bar, Playa Cabana is awesome if you’re looking for dinner and drinks. They’ve got eight different kinds of tacos on the menu and lots of other options like grilled chicken, a chipotle burger, steaks, and more.

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