10 Montreal Craft Beer Bars to Make You a Connoisseur

10 Montreal Craft Beer Bars to Make You a Connoisseur

A city full of hockey spirit and bon viveur, Montreal also has a seriously impressive list of craft beer places to skip the typical watered down draft and enjoy something with a bit more flavour. 

Craft beer is a taste that’s long been on the rise and while the Coors Lights and Budweisers of the world may sell a lot (how we wonder?) they just don’t cut it when it comes to having a great tasting beer.

Whether you’re going out for a meal, downing brews for the game or catching up with friends over a pint or nine, there are plenty of great joints in Montreal to order craft beer.

The following is a list of Montreal bars, restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy a freshly poured craft beer.  Share this with your beer-loving friends or anyone who deserves a good pint.  This isn’t a full inventory by any stretch, so make sure to check our extensive listing of Montreal bars to find other places to help soak your weary liver.  If we missed one of your favourites, let us know with the place suggestion at the bottom.

10 Montreal Craft Beer Bars
  • Brutopia

    1219 Crescent Street , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    With three bars spread across three floors, Brutopia is a craft beer lover’s haven. A bunch of beer are brewed directly on site, including IPA, Honey, Brown Ale, Blonde and a fruity Raspberry. They also brew seasonally throughout the year, offering a Chocolate stout, Scotch and Cream ales and many more. Brutopia imports other craft and micro-brewed beer, so their stock is always changing and demanding repeat visits. Come for the variety and stay for everything else. They routinely host live music, open mic and trivia nights, have a decent pub and tapas menu as well as three terraces to lounge on in the summer months. Swing on by and try the Raspberry Blonde, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Le Saint Bock

    1749 St. Denis Street , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    Nothing is more sacred than the smooth taste of a well-poured craft beer. Le Saint Bock knows this and caters to every beer lover’s prayers with their appropriately named Bible of Beer. Currently hosting around 850 varieties (Yup, seriously) , this place might just have the largest selection of beer in Canada. They brew some of their own on site, but of course import the majority from other craft brewers, with many locally sourced. If you plan on spending all afternoon while you keep sampling, there’s a full menu with standard pub fare. If your eyes are bigger than your liver, Le Saint Bock has got enough choices to make you a faithful regular to their beer congregation.

  • Dieu du ciel

    29 Laurier Avenue West , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    Located just south of St. Denis Street on Villeneuve, Dieu Du Ciel is open seven days a week until 3am. They have a beer menu that’s updated constantly, rotating up to 17 different craft styles on tap to give beer aficionados a new variety to try every time they walk through the door. Come back a week later and there will likely be something new to pour. Always packed with locals or those just visiting, Dieu Du Ciel is known as a contender for top beer spot in the city. There’s a small menu on hand if hunger strikes, but a good stout cures that no problem. Whether you’re looking to warm up in the winter or cool down in the summer, this is the spot.

  • Le Cheval Blanc

    809 Ontario Street East , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    One of the oldest micro-breweries in Montreal, Le Cheval Blanc certainly knows their stuff when it comes to a good craft beer. While not quite in the league of Le Saint Bock or Dieu du Ciel for amount of choices, Le Cheval Blanc still has lots of great craft beer to offer. A moderate selection with some beer hand-crafted on site, Le Cheval Blanc has a rotating menu of half a dozen or more, including Blondes, Stouts and IPAs. They also host live music events and DJs throughout the year.

  • Broue Pub Brouhaha

    5860 Lorimier Avenue , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    Located on Avenue de Lorimier, the Broue Pub Brouhaha offers plenty to coincide with the overexcitement its name implies. Inspired by traditional Belgian beer houses, Brouhaha has a menu of 16 craft beer on tap, ranging from 3% lightweights to 10% heavyweights. They've always got a couple house beer on tap as well, with more than 60 other privately imported bottles. Their menu includes duck wings, smoked meats and a variety of poutine choices that some say are among the best in the city. If you’re looking to be your own brewmaster, they also offer beer brewing training from Michel Gauthier.

  • L'Amere A Boire

    2049 Saint Denis Street , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    L’amere a Boire is known for their great tapas and seasonal menus to pair with their 22 house beer. Their craft brew selection varies from Stouts to Ales to Lagers, including the German-inspired Montreal Hell Lager. Any of their beer can be paired with food items as diverse as codfish cakes and gyoza dumplings, or as simple as homemade pogos. The interior has more of a café style vibe than a dingy, sweat-soaked pub of hard work, but the craftsmanship is evident in the beer and the food. There’s a small patio for the summer if you’re looking for a quick beer along St. Denis.

  • Vices et Versa

    6631 St. Laurent Boulevard , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    This casual brew bar offers 33 craft beer choices on tap, all of them from local crafters in Quebec. And that’s not including the bottles. They also have cask services, offering eight varieties by the traditional pour, meaning not filtered or pasteurized if you’re a hardcore beer guzzler. If you’re looking to order up some rare beer or specific styles, like a light 4% or dark 12%, Vices et Versa has a reputation for serving some of the best. People also seem to go a little crazy for their pulled pork poutine.

  • Benelux Brewpub

    245 Sherbrooke Street West , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    Benelux Brewpub has two locations, one on Sherbrooke and another on Wellington, offering a menu of a dozen or more craft beer at each spot. They do a good job of periodically rotating the selection to switch it up, moving between old favourites and new contenders. There are plenty of options ranging between blondes, ales and stouts. When drinking and hunger go hand in hand, Benelux offers the $7 Eurodog and praise is unanimous that it’s a must-try. If you fear the dim lighting and lack of TVs, there’s free Wifi to keep you connected to the outer world.

  • Les 3 Brasseurs

    1356 Saint Catherine Street West , Montreal

    Started in France and now with four locations in Montreal, Les 3 Brasseurs is more than just a restaurant and pub chain. They maintain a steady menu of beer crafted on site, including White, Blonde, IPA, Amber and Brown. In addition, they offer a monthly brew and a seasonal brew, always keeping a new beer inspiration part of their brewing routine. There’s plenty to choose from in the way of food and they specially design menu options to be paired with certain beer.

  • Les Soeurs Grises

    32 McGill Street , Montreal

    Pub , Bar

    The single pub on the list to be located in Old Montreal, Les Soeurs Grises (or The Grey Nuns) is also the newest, only opening in January of 2012. Don’t let that stop you from entering though, as they are far from novices when it comes to serving up a good craft beer. As they like to say: “There is no beer in heaven, so drink up on earth!” To back up this claim, they offer ten cask varieties, including blondes, ales, special bitters and even a Ninja IPA. Those nuns also cook up a mean dish or two, with a menu that features cubes of boar, rabbit wings, Quebec cheese plates and more eclectic options.

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