10 Montreal Brunch Places for the Ultimate Hangover Cure

10 Montreal Brunch Places for the Ultimate Hangover Cure

In a city notorious for its late night boozing, Montreal is also known for its great brunch spots for nursing those rough mornings after.

There’s no hangover cure quite like a greasy high calorie breakfast and a good amount of water – maybe a Caesar or two if the mood strikes - and there are lots of restaurants in Montreal that offer brunch specifically prepared to have you feeling right as rain after a late night of boozing.

Here’s a list of ten restaurants that offer hearty hangover-curing brunches in Montreal. Know of any other great brunch spots in the city? Make a place suggestion in the comments section below.

10 Montreal Brunch Places
  • Sparrow

    5322 St-Laurent Boulevard , Montreal

    After a night of partying at The Sparrow, why not head right back there after peeling yourself off the couch? They’ve got brunch on Saturdays starting at 10am with a cool, ultra-greasy menu for ultimate hangover comfort. They’ve also got moderately priced mimosas, Caesars, Bloody Mary’s, hard lemonade, and more.

  • Lawrence Restaurant

    5201 St-Laurent Boulevard , Montreal

    If you’re looking for something a little less artery-clogging, Lawrence offers a British-style brunch menu that includes things like crumpets, smoked trout and scrambled eggs, and their traditional English breakfast. They’ve also got $3 cold beers on the brunch menu for a little hair of the dog.

  • Orange Café

    4011 Decarie Boulevard , Montreal

    Big, good and greasy portions are served for an awesome price inside one of the most popular breakfast spots in the area. Lines often start to form on weekend mornings, so be patient and don’t be surprised if you might have to wait a bit. It’ll be worth it.

  • Griffintown Café

    1378 Notre Dame Street , Montreal

    Griffintown serves huevos rancheros as well for their brunch, served at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays. The Canadian Breakfast is a nice, greasy option. Either that or go for the Breakfast Burger which is just the Griffintown Burger (½ beef, ¼ duck, ¼ lamb) but with a sunny-side up egg and aged cheddar.

  • Fabergé

    25 Fairmount Avenue West , Montreal

    Named after the Faberge egg, this place serves breakfast in a lounge-style atmosphere. They serve breakfast all day and night and just came out with a brand new lunch menu. As far as brunch goes, the menu is huge. Chicken and waffles, steak n’ eggs, breakfast burritos, and four different kinds of Eggs Benedict are just some of the options. Fabergé is open from 8pm – 4pm on weekends.

  • L'Avenue

    922 Mont-Royal Avenue East , Montreal

    This might very well be one of the most popular brunch restaurants in Montreal, located in the Plateau and famous for the huge servings. People will invest time waiting for a seat on weekends because the food is just that good. Eggs Benedict is the main attraction.

  • Beauty's Luncheonette

    92 Mont-Royal Avenue West , Montreal

    Established in 1942, Beauty’s is pretty much a Montreal institution at this point. Its brunch has always been the diner’s most popular feature, but experiencing a bit of Montreal history makes visiting all the more worthwhile. Lineups start to form on weekend mornings for their ridiculous breakfasts and brunches, served from 8am – 4pm. Note that no alcohol is served at Beauty’s if you’re looking for an eye-opener.

  • Cosmo

    5843 Sherbrooke Street West , Montreal

    If Montreal greasy spoons had a Mecca, it would be Cosmo’s. The legendary restaurant is one of Montreal’s best kept secrets that has been helping party animals continue their weekends relatively pain free. Heart-stopping breakfasts are the specialty here, where large portions of all kinds are served and people pack the tiny dive for brunch on weekends. You might have to wait to get a seat, but they also have takeout.

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