10 Just Plain Weird, Ugly and Lame Celebrity Tattoos

Permanent ink is a serious commitment, and even celebrities aren’t immune to getting dumb tattoos – they just might find the painful removal more affordable.

Then again, some of ‘em are probably so oblivious to reality they don’t even know how ridiculous their bad ink looks. Or maybe they’re just happy with their tats and don’t really care.

Anyway, it’s fun to make fun of people with more fame, money and power than we’ll ever have. Let the Haterade flow.

Gucci Mane’s triple-scoop lightning ice cream

You knew this was gonna be on here. The “oh shit” look on his face says it all, really.

Game’s three failed face tats

First Game had a butterfly on his cheek which was just D’AWWWWW. He got made fun of pretty good on the Internet, so he semi-covered it with the Dodgers L.A. logo. He then covered the butterfly completely with a bright red star behind the L.A.

Hayden Panettiere’s spelling error

She’s hot, but she should have consulted her Italian-English dictionary before getting the most ironic tattoo ever. It reads “Vivere senza rimipianti.” The correct spelling is “rimpianti,” which would have translated to “Live without regrets” if it was spelled right.

Crooked I pulling a Hayden Panettiere

Shady Records artist Crooked I got the name of his own group spelled wrong when neither he nor his tattoo artist realized there’s an “H” in Slaughterhouse.

Zac Efron only lives once, which makes him different how?

When the days of Twitter and hashtagging are long gone, it’s hard to imagine the term “YOLO” being relevant in future decades.

Dave Navarro’s random crap

Something about this dude is just plain off-putting. Not to mention he’s got some of the lamest tattoos ever: the two Batman symbols on his shoulders, dolphin silhouettes, all-black tribal, some squiggly lines, and a pig.

Brad Pitt’s lines

Dude has lines. Lines. Apparently they were drawn by Angelina Jolie who sketched it on his back out of boredom while lying in bed together, so he decided he wanted it there forever. Lines.

Pauly D’s collage of ridiculousness

Guido pride, a tramp stamp of his own name, random tribal ink, elbow star, and a Travis Barker-ripoff Cadillac logo down his side this are all part of this illustrated man’s creative collage. If this “art” is any indication, remind me never to listen to his music. Ever.


Reality star and rapper RiFF RaFF is like a walking station identification, sporting logos of BET, MTV, NBA, and WorldStarHipHop all over his body. Too bad this guy is so ridiculous you can’t not like him.

Dennis Rodman’s well-endowed lady-boy

Dennis Rodman has taken lots of photos that show off his front tattoos, but it’s very rare to find a full shot of his back. When you do find one, it’s hard to decipher what’s actually going on there with his huge tattoo of a naked woman. Her legs are spread, she’s fondling herself, only one of her boots is coloured in, and she appears to have a giant penis extending up to her own mouth.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

If Star Wars and Van Damme had a baby, it would be me.

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