10 Cupcake Shops in Toronto that Deliver Better Frosted Tips than the Backstreet Boys

10 Cupcake Shops in Toronto that Deliver Better Frosted Tips than the Backstreet Boys

Cupcake shops in Toronto that deliver offer a simple solution to cutting the dead weight of stress out of your already hectic schedule. Think about it. You have an engagement party to attend and promised to bring something that you, yourself being the big girl that you are, baked. The only problem is that you don’t know how to cook, much less bake, and can’t understand the first call to action on a recipe.*

Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and find an easier** way to solve the problem. There are already a number of cupcake shops in Toronto that deliver – all you have to do is choose the location and make the executive decision of whether or not you should get red velvet or peanut butter cupcakes. Hey, if you’re not going to attempt to bake then you may as well have it delivered. No point in being a hero.

If we’ve missed a cupcake shop that deserves to be on the list below, make sure to leave a suggestion at the very bottom of the post. And for the complete list of Toronto bakeries visit the places section on the site.

* Welcome to my life all day, everyday.
** Certainly not cheaper.

10 Cupcake Shops in Toronto that Deliver
  • Dlish Cupcakes (Queen)

    833 Queen Street W , Toronto

    No matter how many cupcake shops in Toronto you visit, you’ll always come crawling back to Dlish. It may have something to do with their famous Red Velvet cupcakes, which were even featured on CNN Travel as being one of Toronto’s seven tastiest treats. Dlish delivers to anywhere in the city at a $15 fee for a minimum of 12 cupcakes and can be ordered online.

  • The Wedding Cake Shoppe

    College 859 Street , Toronto

    The Wedding Cake Shoppe is a God amongst mere mortal cupcakes. This Little Italy bakery is constantly receiving high praise and with good reason. The cupcakes are moist, fresh and flavors include Banana Cream Pie, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter and more. Place an online order at a minimum of three cupcakes.

  • Desmond & Beatrice

    750 Queen Street E , Toronto

    It’s hard to walk past Desmond & Beatrice without stopping for a decadent Red Velvet cupcake. In fact, there’s really no point in suppressing the urge. The shop asks that you place an order 48 hours in advance. There’s no minimum amount required but there is a $10 delivery charge for Toronto central.

  • Bunner's Bakery

    3054 Dundas Street W , Toronto

    Bunner’s is the perfect option for anyone leading a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle (and it's hardly noticeable). The Red Velvet is the shops most requested cupcake and probably the best thing to come out of the Junction (but not really). The delivery rate is $12 within downtown Toronto.

  • Sullivan & Bleeker

    877 Alness Street , Toronto

    Sullivan & Bleeker may not have a retail location (by appointment only) but that doesn’t stop it from serving oh-my-god-goodness. Flavors include Birthday, Cookie Dough, Mars, S’mores, Banana Caramel Maple, and more. The shop delivers anywhere in the GTA from Monday to Friday at a starting fee of $15.

  • Prairie Girl Bakery (Yorkville)

    150 Bloor Street W , Toronto

    Some would say that a good cupcake is graded on the cake alone, which yes, I suppose but it’s just so hard to ignore the icing. While Prairie Girl Bakery may not have the craziest selection, they do pay full attention to that sweet frosting. The shop requires an order of two-dozen for delivery and charges a $20 fee in the city

  • Dessert Lady

    12 Cumberland Street , Toronto

    Dessert Lady is a small bakery that supplies sweetness and perfection fresh and daily. The one example to end all examples is the Spicy Mango Cupcake with Tangy Lime Buttercream Icing. The shop has a $25 delivery rate in the downtown region. However, purchases of $50 and more on Bloor St. receive free delivery.

  • Bobbette & Belle

    1121 Queen Street E , Toronto

    Bobbette & Belle is one of the cutest bakeries in the city to hangout at – so just keep that little tidbit in your back pocket. However, you may want to actually skip delivery here since within Toronto and the GTA the rate starts at $55. Will say this though, the cupcakes are wonderfully moist, delicious and beautiful to look at.

  • For the Love of Cake

    171 Liberty Street E , Toronto

    For the Love of Cake is highly reputable and often dubbed as the “best” cupcake shop in Toronto so naturally, it receives a lot of flak. Haters gonna hate though. The Rocky Road cupcake deserves to be on any list. For delivery a minimum order of a dozen and four per cupcake flavour need to be made.

  • The Cupcake Shoppe

    2417 Yonge Street , Toronto

    Founded in 2003, The Cupcake Shoppe is practically the OGs of Yonge and Eglinton. Whatever your opinion is about the cake, frosting or service, just remember this shop is still running the block after 10 years. For delivery a minimum of three-dozen cupcakes must be ordered.

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